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State Games of America

State Games of America
Aug 1-4 2013
Hershey/Harrisburg Pa.

National Congress of State Games

Skateboard> Slalom: June 25th - June 26th

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  • Sport Commissioners:
    Pat Chewning - 503 645 0323.
    Oregon Amateur Sports - 503-520-1319.
  • Eligibility Requirements: All athletes are responsible for meeting the eligibility requirements of the State Games of Oregon. View SGO general entry requirements. Competition Age: Age as of day of competition
  • Entry Deadline: June 17th, 2011 - Late fee $5.00 aditional, space permitting. Day of event signup available.
  • Entry Fee: $10.00 per event for adults. $7.00 for Juniors. $5.00 for the beginners events.
  • General Information:
    • ISSA (International Slalom Skateboarding Association) PRIME event status.
    • All racers must wear helmets. Knee pads, elbow pads, gloves or wrist guards are highly recommended.
    • All registered athletes will receive a 2011 State Games of Oregon T-shirt.
    • Confirmation of dates and times of your event(s) will be mailed if your entry is received by May 30th.
    • Medals awarded to first, second, and third places in each age group.
    • Age Groups: Juniors (17 and Under), Open (18-44), Masters (45 and Over).
  • Competition Format:
    • Fully automatic electronic timing.
    • All racers must attend racer's meeting at the start of the event.
    • Racers will alternate turns around plastic cones set on the course. Any cone hit out of chalked circle will result in a time "cone penalty" added to racer's time. Any racer failing to negotiate a turn around a cone will be disqualified for that run.
    • June 25 (Saturday Morning) Giant Slalom An easy course with turns set with wide spacing. This event is the ideal event for those who know how to skateboard but have never raced. Racers will have 2 official runs down the course with the single best run counted. cone penalty is 0.2 seconds.
    • June 25 (Saturday morning) Kid/Beginner Giant Slalom Anyone who feels like a kid/beginner by choice. Racing on a shorter course, with fewer runs
    • June 25 (Saturday afternoon) Dual Hybrid Slalom A race course with varied cones spacing consisting of offset turns, straight inline turns, and curved turn lines that will challenge the racer's ability to establish a rhythm in the course, then break into another set of rhythmic turns, and repeat.Racers will have 2 Qualifying runs to place them into the "Head to Head Bracket" where they will then run against another racer. Cone penalty 0.1 second.
    • June 26 (Sunday morning) Tight Inline Slalom A challenging course with over 100 turns spaced at approx. 6 feet per turn for experienced slalom racers. Racers will have 2 official runs down the course with the single best run counted. Cone penalty is 0.1 seconds. Turn rate approx. 3 to 4 turns per second. An easier course set at 8 foot spacing (75 cones) will be available for less experienced racers.
    • June 26 (Sunday Morning) Kid/beginner Slalom Anyone who feels like a kid/beginner by choice. Racing on a shorter course, with fewer runs
    • June 26 (Sunday Afternoon) Peter Ramirez Memorial SlalomCross
    • This is a GS-style race course, with portions of the course "shared" between the 2 riders. Riders negotiate their individual-course sections, then in the common-course sections can pass the other racer. 2 qualification runs, then a bracketing will occurwith 1-run eliminations until a final winner is determined. No cone penalties (5 cone max before DQ), 1st racer to the finish wins.
  • Competition Schedule:
    • Times:
      Saturday June 25: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
      1. Giant Slalom (morning)
      2. Kids/Beginners Giant Slalom (morning)
      3. Hybrid Slalom (afternoon)
      Sunday June 26: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
      1. Tight Inline Slalom (morning)
      2. Kids/Beginners Slalom (morning)
      3. Peter Ramirez Memorial SlalomCross (afternoon)
    • Dates & Sites: June 25th - 26th
      Bush's Pasture Park
      (click for map)
      600 Mission St, Soap Box Derby Track,
      Salem Or
      Directions: Take I-5 to exit #253 Santiam Hwy OR-22. Turn west on OR-22. Go 2.8 miles, OR-22 becomes Mission St as you head into town. The race track is located in Bush's pasture park on your left at 600 Mission St.
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Skateboard> Slalom: Division Codes

17 & Under (Juniors) Tight Inline
SK201 No Online Registration
18-44 (Open) Tight Inline
SK203 No Online Registration
45 & Over (Masters) Tight Inline
SK204 No Online Registration
Kid/Beginner Slalom
SK205 No Online Registration
17 & Under (Juniors) Dual Hybrid
SK301 No Online Registration
18-44 (Open) Dual Hybrid
SK303 No Online Registration
45 & Over (Masters) Dual Hybrid
SK304 No Online Registration
17 & Under (Juniors) Giant Slalom
SK501 No Online Registration
18-44 (Open) Giant Slalom
SK503 No Online Registration
45 & Over (Master) Giant Slalom
SK504 No Online Registration
Kid/Beginner Giant Slalom
SK505 No Online Registration
17 & Under (Juniors) SlalomCross
SK601 No Online Registration
18-44 (Open) SlalomCross
SK603 No Online Registration
45 & Over (Master) SlalomCross
SK604 No Online Registration